Universal Avionics Insight™ Display System Selected For MD Helicopters’ MD 900/902 Explorer

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OEM application for integrated flight deck solution will meet commercial, military and paramilitary mission requirements

Universal Avionics (UA) and MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announce a strategic partnership to integrate UA’s advanced InSight Display System as the full-digital flight deck solution for MD Helicopters’ MD 900/902 Explorer. MDHI will integrate the InSight Display System into the production and retrofit of the twin-engine helicopters.

The InSight Display System for the MD 900/902 Explorer replaces steam guage displays with two portrait format high-resolution LCD displays with LED backlighting. The 10.4-inch InSight Displays are compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and provide the latest in Synthetic Vision (SVS), 2D Topographical Moving Maps, electronic charts, checklists, systems synoptics, engine instruments, rotor data, and more.

The MD 900/902 Explorer helicopters  are designed to support a range of missions including offshore transport, law enforcement, emergency medical services, and search and rescue. With UA’s InSight Display System solution, operators are offered a single-pilot Instrument Flight Rules (IFR)-capable flight deck tailored to their operations with display graphics that are video and mission display capable.

“We are proud to provide our InSight flight deck solution to MDHI,” said Dror Yahav, UA CEO. “InSight was designed to bring the most advanced capabilities while maintaining a friendly Human Machine Interface,” he added. “This technology will put the MD 900/902 Explorer in the front line of the light helicopters segment.”

“We are impressed by the capability and flexibility of UA’s InSight Display System,” said Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer for MD Helicopters, Inc. “As the product roadmap for this highly capable light, twin-engine platform evolved, we recognized the need for a robust and adaptable solution, capable of meeting the current and future requirements of our globaloperators. The InSight Display System is that solution.”

The InSight Display System is complemented with twin EFIS Control Display Units (ECDU), an Alphanumeric Keyboard (ANK), and Cursor Slew Switches which offer control of the MD 900/902 Explorer’s flight deck system. Replacing multiple legacy controllers from the previous system, the ECDU eliminates clutter and centralizes a multitude of flight deck controls such as the flight displays, Flight Management System (FMS), radios, weather, traffic, and terrain. The ANK provides tactile user input to the InSight Display System and integrated FMS, while providing a means for uploading InSight databases into the system. Function keys streamline control of the FMS while alphanumeric keys can be used to edit and enter information as an alternative to the ECDU. The Cursor Slew Switches mounted on the primary flight controls provide pilots with a ‘point and click’ user interface, enabling pilots to easily change frequently used Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) selections while maintaining positive control of the aircraft.

UA and MDHI will hold a formal signing ceremony to celebrate this partnership at UA’s booth, 3408, on Tuesday, January 28 at 10:30am followed by a system demonstration.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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