MDhi Attends Alea Expo 2017; Celebrates Glass Cockpits, New Product Development, And Ongoing Improvement In Aftermarket And Customer Support Programs And Performance

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Ashley Sanchez

MDhi Attends Alea Expo 2017; Celebrates Glass Cockpits, New Product Development, And Ongoing Improvement In Aftermarket And Customer Support Programs And Performance

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announces its participation in the 2017 Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) Expo, July 26 – 28, 2017 at the Reno Sparks Convention Center, Reno, Nevada. With a display anchored by the MD 6XX Concept Helicopter in a custom law-enforcement configuration, the MD Helicopters team will also celebrate new aircraft sales, the MDHI-exclusive FAA-approved E-to-F conversion program, fleet modernization and product development initiatives, and continued improvements in operator ratings of MDHI’s aftermarket and customer support programs.

“It is an incredibly exciting time at MDHI,” said Craig Kitchen, Chief Commercial Officer for MD Helicopters, Inc. “We have produced a preferred airframe for airborne law enforcement operators for more than 40 years, but as we move into the second half of 2017 it is very clear that this is just the beginning of what will be a period of tremendous growth and accessibility to new and advanced technologies that will expand aircraft capabilities for all our operators.”

Platform Upgrades

Integration and testing efforts for the integration of MDHI’s Block 1 glass cockpit upgrade on all single-engine airframes was announced at the HAI Heli-Expo in March 2017. Last month, MDHI announced the completion of all TIA requirements for its Block 1 glass cockpit upgrade for the MD 600N. Concurrent to the MD 600N effort, MD Helicopters is also integrating the Block 1 cockpit into the MD 530F, with FAA review and approval for a Type Certificate change for all new 369FF models expected later this summer.

With customer orders already in queue, MDHI expects to have type certificate modifications for its full range of single-engine aircraft, including the MD 500E and MD 520N, by mid-2018.

MDHI also unveiled a new, all-glass cockpit for its MD 902 Explorer at this year’s Heli-Expo. The flight deck, featuring three Genesys Aerosystems IDU-680 6” x 9” LCD primary displays remains on track for certification by the end of 2017.

Market Growth

MD Helicopters is experiencing an increase in market growth across nearly every segment served. New aircraft orders fulfilling utility/transport, EMS, law enforcement and military operations have created one of the strongest backlogs the company has seen in years. With this backlog has come a rapidity of innovation in both manufacturing process and technology integration that is setting the pace for future industry growth.

Kitchen continues, “Our team is growing in all areas, production is increasing to meet a growing backlog of both commercial and military orders, and certification efforts for new technologies are accelerating – the first aircraft to receive enhanced all glass-cockpits will deliver within the month, and through it all we have seen remarkable advancements aftermarket and customer support performance.”

Expanding Aftermarket Programs

Since its debut at HAI Heli-Expo 2016, MDHI has made significant improvements to its innovative customer portal. With more than 1,500 registered operators today, MDHI has expanded on the original platform for aircraft maintenance to include parts tracking. Digital Technical Publications was also recently released, and new, expanded schedule for maintenance training will be released on August 1.

“Having our customers use for their planning and maintenance needs gives us insight to view our customers’ future overhaul and inspection requirements,” said Nick Nenadovic, Vice President, Aftermarket and Customer Support for MD Helicopters, Inc. “This advanced planning ensures they have the correct part when they need it most.

“The positive impact of is undeniable,” Nenadovic concludes, “as evidenced in recent industry surveys that show the highest gains in parts availability, warranty fulfillment, and overall customer support.”

To further enhance MDHI’s aftermarket capabilities, the company will stand up a brand new Aftermarket Center of Excellence (ACE) near its Mesa, Arizona headquarters. The Aftermarket Center of Excellence will host the latest test cell technology; an innovation that will allow repair and overhauls to be made at lightning pace. Turnaround times will be quick, efficient, and up to the highest standards of a world class aircraft manufacturer.

MD 6XX Concept Aircraft

Since its introduction earlier this year, MDHI has maintained an aggressive focus on utilizing voice of the customer as a key component in the proof of concept phase of this new aircraft development effort. Configured with a custom law enforcement mission equipment package, the MD 6XX Concept helicopter will be the centerpiece of MDHI’s ALEA booth.

Debuted in a single-patient EMS configuration, and previously displayed at the company’s Mesa, Arizona headquarters as a light scout attack/special operations helicopter, MDHI continues to refine both the mission configurations and projected performance of what is expected to deliver true multi-mission capability and best-in-class performance.

Current and interested MDHI operators are invited to visit the MDHI team at the 2017 Airborne Law Enforcement Association annual Exposition & Conference at booth #600.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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