MD Helicopters To Present At 2016 International Military Helicopter Conference

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As both a presenting sponsor and plenary speaker, MDHI returns to the International Military Helicopter Conference to discuss multi-mission light scout attack helicopter solutions & rapid operational readiness

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) is honored to return to the 2016 International Military Helicopter Conference (IMH20165) as both plenary speaker and sponsor. Andy Pillado, Vice President, Business Development for MD Helicopters, will present a breifing on Multi-Mission Light Scout Attack Helicopter Solutions and Delivering Rapid Operational Readines on Day One of the annual conference held in London, United Kingdom, January 18-20, 2016.

AnIQPC event, International Military Helicopter brings together Industry and Armed Forces leaders from around the world for open discussions about the most urgent challenges facing combat helicopter operations. MDHI is proud to have been invited to speak on the critical role light scout attack aircraft play in a range of operational theaters, as well as on our proven expertise in rapid deployment and operational readiness.

As the number and intensity of global conflicts increase, and the field of operations and combat environments evolve, it is becoming increasingly common that original platform requirements change once an aircraft reaches theater. As a result, there is a real and compelling need for rotorcraft platforms to offer more in the way of:

  • faster delivery,
  • expanded capabilities to execute an wider range of mission profiles,
  • improved operational readiness to support unpredictable demands, and
  • quick and easy, in-country reconfiguration.

As an OEM, MD Helicopters has a proven history and demonstrable expertise in responding to requirements like these in real time, delivering mission-ready light scout attack helicopters with unmatched operational readiness rates, lower cost of operation, and a wider capability range than other OEMs.

In addition to MD Helicopters’ expanding fleet with the Afghan Air Force, MDHI also has training, scout and light attack helicopters in service with Saudi Arabia, Japan, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Kenya, and others. These fleets are comprised of a number of MD Helicopters’ world-renowned light single-engine models including the MD 530F, MD 500E and MD 600N.

Speaker Biography – Andy Pillado

Following a 30-year career as United States Army Aviator, flying both helicopter and fixed wing missions in support of operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Republic of Korea, Andrew (Andy) Pillado joined MD Helicopters in 2012. Serving first as Director of Aviation and Commercial Programs, Mr. Pillado assumed responsibility for Commercial and Military Business Development in 2013. He currently leads all strategic planning and partnership development efforts, as well as international and military business capture activities for the Company’s full range of single-engine and twin-engine helicopters.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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