MD Helicopters, Inc. Celebrates 10 Years As A Lynn Tilton Company At Hai Heli-Expo 2015 In Orlando, Florida, March 3-5

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See us at Heli-Expo Booth #819 and celebrate ten years of rebirth, renewal and revival

This week, at the 2015 Helicopter Association International (HAI) Heli-Expo in Orlando, Florida, MD Helicopters, Inc.. (MDHI) will celebrate a decade of rebirth, revival and renewal under the leadership of Owner and Chief Executive Officer Lynn Tilton. The MDHI booth, #819, will feature displays that focus on the most recognized elements of this iconic American brand.

Under Ms. Tilton’s leadership MD Helicopters has experienced nothing short of a dust to diamonds revival. On the cusp of shuttering in 2005, today, MD Helicopters boasts an impressive array of accomplishments that many – if not most industry analysts – thought impossible to achieve.

Since being acquired by Ms. Tilton in 2005, MD Helicopters has experienced:

  • A decade of double-digit revenue increases,
  • Year-over-year increases in the number of single and twin engine helicopters in active service worldwide,
  • Re-establishment of MD Helicopters as a premier military aircraft, with training and armed helicopters in service with the Afghan Air Force, the Saudi Arabian National Guard, El Salvador Army, Costa Rica Police, Royal Jordanian Air Force, Mexican Air Force, South Korean Air Force and others,
  • Attainment and successful management of CLS contracts in support of foreign military MD 500 Series installations,
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing through the establishment of the Monterrey, Mexico manufacturing facility,
  • Numerous aviation and law enforcement awards,
  • An AOG rate among the industry’s lowest,
  • Among the highest flight readiness rates in the industry, and
  • Triple digit expansion in global talent pool; enabling capability advancements in engineering, program management, manufacturing and leadership teams.

“MD Helicopters was born at the intersection of innovation, technology, design and manufacturing. The ‘House the Howard Hughes built’ changed the world’s rotorcraft industry by delivering beautifully simple engineered masterpieces,” said Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer of MD Helicopters. “When I acquired the company in 2005 I don’t think anyone believed this iconic American brand could rise again, yet we stand today stronger and better prepared than we have ever been for a future of innovation, expansion and growth.”

Perhaps even more exciting than the accomplishments of the past decade that illustrate Ms. Tilton’s successful leadership, is the foundation MD Helicopters has built to position itself for accelerated growth and global expansion across all major light single- and light twin-engine marketing segments.

“I am very proud of what my MD team has accomplished.  We are continually improving supply chain performance, delivering responsive global customer service and support to a growing installed base, and we have returned to our historic legacy; providing high-performance, safe, reliable armed scout helicopters to the U.S. Army and our Allies. With these steps, we are well positioned to take on the challenges of our next decade and beyond.” 

For more than 50 years MD Helicopters’ products have been recognized worldwide for their service to a wide variety of rotorcraft market segments. The company’s class-leading helicopters offer responsive agility, versatility, unparalleled safety and economic value. Operators worldwide turn to MD Helicopters for high-performance rotorcraft backed by a passion for service and support.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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