MD Helicopters Debuts MD 6XX Concept Aircraft At Hai Heli-Expo 2017

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MD Helicopters Debuts MD 6XX Concept Aircraft At Hai Heli-Expo 2017

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Ashley Sanchez

The MD 6XX single-engine concept aircraft delivers extensive performance enhancing technology upgrades; will deliver 140 kts cruise speed, 5,500 pound MGTOW, 500 nm range

After announcing the planned development of an all-new, high-performance single-engine helicopter at HAI Heli-Expo 2016 in Louisville, KY, MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) today announces the debut of the MD 6XX Concept Helicopter at the 2017 HAI Heli-Expo Trade Show & Exhibition. On display at Booth #9349 in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas, Texas, the MD 6XX is a next-generation, multi-mission helicopter that will set new standards for power, performance and multi-mission capabilities across military, law enforcement, EMS/air medical, and special operations markets.

“With the development of the MD 6XX I have assembled some of the industry’s most well-respected companies to work directly with me and my internal technology, engineering, and R&D teams to deliver an aircraft that will provide unparalleled value and performance for our operators,” said Lynn Tilton, Chief Executive Officer of MD Helicopters.

Inspired by the payload capability of the MD 600N, the MD 6XX Concept aircraft features a number of newly designed structural elements and technologically advanced systems that combine to deliver enhanced safety, reduced pilot workload, increased flexibility, and lower cost of ownership.

Featured Components & Enhancements

  •  Genesys Aerosystems IDU-680s
    • These all glass primary displays offer 100% digital, open architecture for aircraft-independent installation and are field-upgradeable to add new functionality without replacing hardware components.
  • Macro-Blue Tactical Displays
    • Rugged, high definition displays engineered to meet DO-160 environmental and MIL-standards for contrast, sunlight readability, anti-reflective glass and NVIS Radiance
  • Mission Management System from Tek Fusion Global, Inc.
  • All-new S411 Main Rotor Blades by Helicopter Technology Company
    • Bonded blades with innovative 3-section airfoil design to deliver more efficient, more aerodynamic operation, reduces noise profile and better auto-rotation.
  • 4-Bladed Tail Rotor for enhanced performance and reduced noise signature.
  • Extended Composite Boom
    • The extended composite tailboom and redesigned empennage with 4-blade tail rotor delivers >40% more anti-torque as compared to NOTAR.
  • Boosted flight controls, providing reduced pilot work-load.
  • Digital 3-Axis Auto Pilot
  • IFR Capability

Certified EMS/Air Medical Interior The MD 6XX Concept helicopter on display also features the newly certified EMS interior from Air Ambulance Technology. The state of the art interior boasts an ergonomic and versatile modular design with full configuration flexibility. The single-patient transport interior can be installed to support both right- and left-hand command operations and is EASA certified.

The Air Ambulance Technology interior featured in the MD 6XX Concept aircraft is also being installed on an MD 600N that will be delivered to Sapura Aero later this month.

Projected Performance Profile

  • 5,500 lb MGTOW
  • 3,200 lb Useful Load (500 lb jettisonable)
  • 500 nm Range
  • 140 kts Cruise Speed
  • Max Dash @ 160 kts
  • 4.5 hrs Endurance
  • Crew & Passengers 2 + 6 (Internal)
  • 20,000 ft service ceiling

“As the design of the MD 6XX is completed, we expected the performance of the all-new helicopter will set the standard for single engine helicopters for years to come in performance, functionality, and safety”, stated Mark Johnson, MD Helicopters’ Chief Technology Officer.

Multi-Mission Capable

MD Helicopters began development of the MD 6XX Concept helicopter in order to fill a specific scout attack helicopter mission profile that is currently not addressed. The projected performance profile of the MD 6XX, combined with its economic footprint, will result in a high-performance, helicopter that will serve both multiple military and commercial missions.

Additional Features

To ensure its ability to support the widest range of mission profiles, development of the MD 6XX Concept aircraft will also include a number of physical changes and functionality enhancements not on display at HAI Heli-Expo. These features include:

  • High-visibility sliding door for easier ingress/egress
  • Integrated weapons plank
  • Crashworthy stroking crew seats for improved safety
  • Fly by wire controls
  • Radar cocoon for increased situational awareness (SA) in degraded visual environment (DVE) conditions
  • Ability to launch and recover drones

“The design and technology innovations in the MD 6XX Concept helicopter will be the foundation of the next generation of MD-brand aircraft,” Tilton concludes. “From our roots in serving the warfighter and law enforcement agencies around the world, to our always growing global base of EMS, SAR and utility operators, the MD 6XX is on track to become not only the fastest, highest gross-weight, quietest MD-brand helicopter ever; but the absolute best in its class.”

To learn more about the MD 6XX Concept aircraft, stop by the MDHI booth, #9349, during HAI Heli-Expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, Dallas, TX, March 7-9, 2017.

VIDEO ASSET: To access an overview video of the current and planned features & capabilities of the MD 6XX Concept Aircraft, please click here.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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