MD Helicopters Celebrates Improved Aftermarket & Customer Support Performance

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Parts availability, cost of parts, increased AOG responsiveness and overall satisfaction are continuing to improve year-over-year

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) has always been committed to providing exceptional Aftermarket Support and Customer Experiences.  As evidenced in the results of the most recent Vertical Magazine Helicopter Manufacturers Survey, these efforts have have not gone unnoticed by the global rotorcraft market.

The Vertical Magazine results were released on Friday, June 3rd as part of the May/June edition.  Unlike other Industry surveys, Vertical Magazine chose not to report results as a comparison or ranking of OEMs against each other, but instead as a progress report of individual OEM performance as compared  their previous year’s rating in each of the measured categories. This method of reporting better highlights the year-over-year performance changes for all OEMs, and in particular the significant improvements MDHI has made through hard work and commitment to our goals of sustainment, services, and customer satisfaction.

“We are proud to see that the Vertical Magazine Survey shows improvement in every category measured,” said Nick Nenadovic, Vice President, Aftermarket & Customer Support.  “The entire MDHI team has been working diligently to ensure exceptional customer experiences for our operators. We are thrilled this hard work and commitment is paying off.”

The Vertical Magazine survey showed significant improvements in parts availability, cost of parts, and overall customer service and satisfaction; all very important customer focus areas.

“The strides we have made recently, in parts availability specifically, have had a tremendous impact on our overall ability to deliver exceptional customer support and service to our global family of operators,” continues Nenadovic. “Compared to 2015, we have seen a 34% increase in 24-hour response time for reported AOGs. An impressive accomplishment by the MD team.”

Vertical Magazine also utilized the survey platform to recognize outstanding OEM technical representatives.  We are proud to announce that three of our field service representatives were recognized by our Customers. Congratulations to Les Ottem, Chris Pierce, and Larry White on their efforts and exceptional representation of MDHI.

“While we are pleased to be recognized for the improvements that have been made over the last year,” Nenadovic concludes, “we acknowledge there is still work to do. The Aftermarket & Customer Support team is committed to improving and continuing our pledge to deliver world class aftermarket and customer support programs that enhance the Customer experience.”

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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