MD Helicopters Announces Flight Training Academy, Expanding Industry-Leading Maintenance And Pilot Training For All Customers

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As part of a growing commitment to deliver full-service, full life-cycle support programs for its growing global fleet, MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announces the formation of the MDHI Flight Training Academy. Established to provide industry-leading maintenance and pilot training to all customers in a professional learning environment, MD Helicopters has expanded its current training offerings to include a more comprehensive portfolio focused on mission execution, effectiveness and safety.

“We understand that comprehensive, well-executed training is the key to efficient operation and successful mission execution,” said Andy Pillado, Vice President, Commercial & Military Sales and Marketing for MD Helicopters, Inc. “In an effort to meet our customers’ growing need for specialized, mission-specific training, we have expanded our already comprehensive catalog to include a robust offering of mission-focused courses, each tailored to meet specific operational requirements.”

Examples of courses developed to meet the ever-expanding airborne public safety landscape include:

  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
  • Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Long Line Operations (Cargo Sling, Fire Bucket, etc.)
  • Alternate Insertion/Extraction Methods
  • Confined Area/High Altitude/Mountain Operations
  • Low level & Formation Operations
  • K-9 Operations

“As one of our legacy markets, we are particularly excited to introduce mission-specific training for our law enforcement and public safety operators,” Pillado continues. “The MD 530F, in particular, has been a mainstay of global law enforcement operators for decades. It is long overdue that we build out our training programs to include these specialized options. I’m excited for what these courses will do to help expand the mission window for our operators.”

All classes incorporate safety, crew resource management and other air crew considerations, and include classroom instruction as well as flight time. Developed to create proficient aircrew and maintenance personnel that will enhance an operator’s aviation capability, readiness, and safety, courses can be conducted at the MDHI Training Center in Mesa, Arizona using MDHI-owned aircraft, or on-location at the customer’s site using customer-owned aircraft.

MDHI Pilot Trainers have a combined 200+ years of flight experience and have amassed 64,000 flight hours in both commercial and military instruction.

Current and interested MDHI operators can learn more about the MDHI Flight Training Academy at the 2018 Airborne Public Safety Aviation Convention (APSCON), booth #449.

Media Inquiries

Ashley Sanchez

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