General Information

Once you have scheduled your training, the following information will be helpful in coordinating your stay.

Car Rental/Transportation

Our customers are responsible for transportation to/from the training center. We strongly suggest that you rent a vehicle for the length of your stay, or stay in a hotel that offers shuttle service to and from the hotel. These are identified in our hotel listing.


Our customers are responsible for making their hotel reservations. There are many choices for accommodations within a short distance of MDHI. Please see the list provided.

Dress Code

Casual attire is acceptable. Customers may wear flight suits (if taking pilot training), jeans, or other comfortable pants. Sandals or other types of open-shoes for flight training or maintenance training are not permitted due to safety regulations. MDHI supports the philosophy of "Train like you fly and fly like you train." Therefore we recommend training in the same gear in which you fly, including such items as flight suits, helmets, and boots.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted in any of the buildings at our facility. Smoking also is not permitted on the ramp areas near the aircraft. Please ask the instructors or any of the training staff for location of the smoking areas outside the building.


There are many restaurants and fast food choices within a 2-mile radius of the training center. A local map and listing of these locations are available in the customer break area. A refrigerator, microwave oven, and snack machines are available in the break area for customers who bring their own meals.


MDHI participates in the USAIG-sponsored Safety Bucks program. For additional information on how to qualify, as well as the advantages of the program, click here.

Requests for Pilot Training can be made through our contact form or by dialing 1-800-388-3378, option 7.

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