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MD Helicopters, Inc. maintains an inventory of active technical publications to promptly fill your order. Publications are distributed to subscribers of the Technical Publications Revision Service as Publications updates occur.

MDHI Technical Publications are ordered online with the link below.

Online Ordering through MyMDAero

MD Helicopters, Inc. publications can now be found in our customer portal

Using MyMD.Aero technical publications, users will be able to access the following:

*Military manuals are NOT available, only commercial/civilian manuals.

MDHI Technical Publications are ordered online with the link below:

MyMD.Aero Online Ordering

Model Designations

FAA Marketing
369H 500C
369HE 500C
369HS 500C
369D 500D
369E 500E
369F 530F
369FF 530F Plus
500N 520N
600N 600N
MD900 MD Explorer

Equipment Lists (click each for access)
Reports listed on Type Certification Data Sheet ( H3WE ) for MDHI single-engine helicopters.

Report # (Equipment Lists) Helicopter Model
369-E-5001 369
369-E-5002 369A
369-E-5003 369H
369-E-5004 369HS
369-E-5005 369HM
369-E-5006 369HM
369-E-5007 369HE
369-E-5008 369D
369-E-5009 369E
369-E-5011 369FF
500N-CE-0059 500N

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