Cayuse Warrior Product Line

Unmatched performance, agility and economic value .


Known for its speed, safety, and agility, the Armed Cayuse Warrior delivers increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility and superior performance in a reliable and cost-effective attack solution. 

Easily deployable. Superior maneuverability. Low operation and sustainment cost.


Mission Specific Tactical Equipment

This next generation scout attack helicopter adds mission-specific tactical equipment including; MCAS, M260 7-shot rocket pod, ballistic armor crew protection, and self-sealing fuel tanks.

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High-Capacity Landing Gear

The High capacity landing gear allows the aircraft to be loaded to its maximum gross weight (3,750 lbs.) on the ground with jettison able stores. 2 of 2

Rolls-Royce Model 250 Series IV 250-C30 Engine

The powerful engine, coupled with a proven main rotor design, provides superior performance in extremely hot temperatures and high-altitude environments 1 of 2

Outstanding Outward Visibility

With its Bubble, canopy and efficient instrument panel design, the MD Cayuse Warrior offers excellent pilot visibility. This along with the Night Vison Imaging Systems (NVIS) Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) compatible interior lighting with supports combat Night flight operations.

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Garmin Avionics Flight Deck

The modernized instrumentation/avionics cockpit consists of a Garmin G500H TXi™ suite that includes multi-function and primary flight displays (MFD, PFD) and an engine indicating and crew alerting system (EICAS). 1 of 1


Max Gross Weight​



Useful Load: Internal



Max Cruise Speed



Max Operating Altitude



Max Range

Renewed Quality

MD is known for producing safe, agile, and hard-working rotorcraft that deliver agility, payload, speed, and performance. We’ll continue to accept nothing less.

Renewed Support

We pursue consistent excellence in all we do. Drawing upon our decades of expertise, MD is cultivating a new level of superior support.

Renewed Focus

We are who we are because our operators demand the best. Whether civilian or military, we show up and earn your trust daily.


Training Helicopter

The Cayuse Warrior’s External weapons systems “B-kit” can be removed thereby reducing it’s operating weight and drag. With only the A-kit, the aircraft maintains the equipment layout and controls of the Cayuse Warrior while being lightened and more forgiving for student pilots.

Cayuse Warrior Plus

A precision firing weapons aircraft with Advanced Precision Kill Weapons System (APKWS). The Cayuse Warrior Plus is a derivative of the Cayuse Warrior with MX-10D laser-guided capability.

Committed to Safety

The main rotor static mast is built to be fail-safe to 100% design load. Dual, crash-resistant elastomeric fuel cells are mounted between crash-resistant keel beams and bulkheads below the cabin floor. A three-dimensional truss-type structure with an internal roll bar protects the pilot and passengers and offers increased occupant safety.


The MD Cayuse Warrior is a five-blade, single-engine, four-passenger, single-pilot capable, multi-purpose aircraft specifically designed to deliver increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility, and superior performance.


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