MDH understands a comprehensive, well-executed training plan is the key to mission success. Using U.S. military standards of excellence as a foundation, the MDH Military Flight Training Academy ensures students receive the training necessary to create proficient aircrew and maintenance personnel that will enhance your unit’s aviation capability, readiness, and safety.

Ultimately, such training and support will dramatically increase the country’s ability to protect its borders and infrastructure, and help to deter and counter both internal and external threats.

Mission Training

For previously qualified rotary-wing pilots, MDH offers robust Mission Training at its Mesa, Arizona, headquarters. The course consists of a tailored training package conducted by MDH’s staff of combat-hardened flight Instructor Pilots.

Courses are offered for both armed MD 530 helicopters and the combat-configured MD 902 Explorers.  Each course will provide instruction on:

Instructor Pilot Training 

Offered to certified Instructor Pilots on either the MD 530 or combat-configured MD 902 Explorer platforms, this comprehensive training incorporates best practices from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) flight instruction techniques as well as U.S. Military Method of Instruction (MOI) training standards.

The Instructor Pilot Training course objective is for qualified Instructor Pilots to understand and apply the knowledge and skills of the aircraft in order to effectively develop and operate home-country training activities. This training is offered exclusively at MDH’s Mesa, Arizona, headquarters.

Maintenance pilot training

Maintenance Pilot Training is based on the U.S. Army’s maintenance test pilot course. This program is available for both armed MD 530 and combat-configured MD 902 Explorer platforms and concentrates on:

Offered at the company's Mesa, Arizona, headquarters, by the end of the course, student maintenance pilots will be familiar with maintenance requirements associated with the airframe, avionics, drivetrain, powerplant and weapons systems.

maintenance technician training

Maintenance Technician Training is an all-inclusive, maintenance technician course centered on the armed MD 530 Cayuse Warrior aircraft. Students will receive hands-on instruction on:

Also offered exclusively at our Mesa, Arizona, headquarters, Maintenance Technician Training students will also receive academic instruction on all aircraft systems, including airframe, engine, drivetrain, hydraulics, electrical and fuel systems.

weapons technician (armament) Training

Weapons Technician Training is focused on the safe handling and maintenance of armament systems, weapons, and equipment as part of flight line operations or at the workshop level.

Students will learn:

Over the duration of the Weapons Technician Training course, instructors will guide students through course objectives that include:

MDH’s academic instructors will supervise and provide real-time coaching that correlates with classroom instruction and culminates in an actual live-fire capstone event.

Requests for Pilot Training can be made through our contact form or by dialing 1-800-388-3378, option 7.

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