MDHI Delivers New MD 530F to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

LVMPD Aviation Unit welcomes third MD 530F to support pursuit, surveillance, and search and rescue operations

Mesa, Ariz., October 29, 2015

MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) announced today the delivery of a new MD 530F helicopter to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Aviation Unit. The LVMPD’s purchase of the new aircraft was approved by Metro’s Fiscal Affairs Committee on April 27. Collectively, the addition of the new MD 530F to LVMPD’s fleet will increase operational capabilities, enabling greater mission versatility and performance.

“The rotorcraft component of our air unit has been a real game changer. And not just for us and the communities we serve,” said Jack Clements, Lieutenant, Air Support/Search and Rescue for Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.“It is an absolute force multiplier for law enforcement agencies around the globe. Our MD helicopters provide a greater situational awareness and faster response capability than what is possible with only ground units. I have no doubt this new MD 530F will allow us to continue providing the critical support necessary to achieve our vision of beingthe safest community in America.”

“We are proud to have played such a major role in the evolution of rotorcraft as a must-have component in law enforcement aviation units,” said Craig Kitchen, Chief Commercial Officer for MD Helicopters, Inc. “Particularly in western U.S. cities like Las Vegas where reliable performance in hot temperatures and at high-altitudes is an absolute must, the speed, power, and maneuverability of the MD 503F makes it an absolute all-star in the execution of virtually any law enforcement mission profile.”

Configured to mirror the capabilities of the Las Vegas Metropolitan’s existing MD 530F fleet, the new helicopter features a 650shp Rolls-Royce 250-C30 engine, extended tail boom and longer main-rotor blades, extended heavy duty landing gear, and mission equipment that includes a LoJack® police tracking system, Spectrolab SX-16 Nightsun® searchlight, and Stark POP300 EO/IR Sensor. The cockpit configuration features a complete Garmin suite; the Garmin 500H EFIS flight display, GTS800 Traffic Avoidance System and Garmin GTN650H touchscreen GPS/Navigation and communications panel to support safe flight operations.

LVMPD’s new MD 530F also features an updated black and white paint scheme. Over time, this more traditional look will beimplemented throughout the fleet.

“We are truly honored by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s long-term loyalty,” Kitchen concludes, “and we are excited to see this newest MD 530F join their fleet.”