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MD Helicopters Showcasing Cutting Edge Defence Helicopters At Indodefence 2022

Mesa, Ariz., November 01, 2022

Jakarta, Indonesia; November 2, 2022 – MD Helicopters (MDH), INDODEFENCE Booth #B231F, will proudly be
attending and showcasing its MD 500E and MD 530F military helicopter lines at Indonesia’s INDODEFENCE,
taking place Nov. 2-5 in Jakarta.
The MD 500 series of military aircraft are light scout attack helicopters proven on battlefields around the world.
These single-engine defence aircraft lead the industry in speed, safety, maneuverability, low operating costs,
global customer support, and simplified maintenance while providing modern avionics and warfare technology.
Military training models of the aircraft provide low cost, realistic training platforms with modern cockpit
technology, ensuring well-trained modern military helicopter teams.
MDH recently delivered six MD530G light scout attack helicopters to the Malaysian Army and is in discussions
with several militaries in the Asian Pacific for similar purchases. The MD 500 series of helicopters are no
strangers to Indonesia. PT Intan Angkasa Air Service of Bekasi, Indonesia, operates the MD 500 throughout the
Indonesia archipelago supporting oil and gas, mining, survey, forestry, and many additional industries.
The MD 530F Cayuse Warrior is the latest light scout attack helicopter in the proven single-engine line,
delivering increased operational capabilities, greater mission versatility, superior performance, and the ability
to carry up to four weapons systems to support a broad range of mission profiles. The updated helicopter, and
its MD 530F civilian counterpart, incorporates an optional advanced NVIS cockpit designed to enhance safety
during nighttime patrol, surveillance, and tactical operations. The enhanced certified glass cockpit features the
Garmin G500 TXi Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS), Howell Instruments Electronic Engine Instruments and
Crew Alert Systems (EICAS), and Garmin GTN 750 Touchscreen NAV/COM/GPS.
The MD Helicopter line and all its assets were purchased in August 2022 by MD Helicopters, LLC. The new
company is led by Brad Peterson, a veteran at building and strengthening aerospace businesses, and backed by
a diverse and experienced board. This new leadership is taking an already financially strong company to new
heights with strengthened customer support and continued investment in advancing the aircraft line.
About MD Helicopters
MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) manufactures high-performance rotorcraft solutions that support operators flying
military, commercial, law enforcement, utility, and VIP mission profiles. With thousands of aircraft in service
worldwide, MDH has been designing and building aircraft known for their safety, versatility, responsiveness,
speed, and reliability since 1947. Our commitment to product sustainment and customer success allows MDH
to deliver aircraft unmatched in their performance and reliability. MD Helicopters, LLC is owned by an
investment consortium comprised of MBIA Insurance, Bardin Hill Investment Partners LP, and MB Global
Partners. To learn more about MD Helicopters, visit us at, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Justin Texeira
Director of Sales, Asia-Pacific & Oceania