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Atlanta Police Department Purchases Two MD 530F Helicopters, Converts an MD 500E

Mesa, Ariz., December 12, 2022

MD Helicopters, LLC (MDH) is pleased to announce the
Atlanta Police Department has signed a USD$10 million purchase agreement for two MD
530F helicopters. Additionally, the department signed an agreement to convert one of
its MD 500E helicopters to an MD 530F through MDH’s FAA-approved E-to-F conversion
“The purchase of two new MD 530Fs and the upgrade of our MD 500E converting it to
an MD 530F, will standardize and modernize our fleet, reducing risk, improving safety,
and increasing operational efficiency at a low operating cost,” says Sgt. Newman of the
Atlanta Police Department, Aviation Unit. “This will allow the helicopters to be airborne
more frequently contributing to the department’s mission of creating a safer Atlanta.”
The two new MD 530F helicopters will be delivered in 2023. The MD 500E will remain in
service until the 530Fs are operational. At that time the 500E will go through a threemonth conversion process.
Updated from the MD 500E, the MD 530F model delivers increased operational
capabilities, greater mission versatility, and superior performance with a more powerful
RR250-C30 engine, upgraded main rotor gearbox, and upgraded tail rotor drive shaft.
The E-to-F conversion program upgrades the MD 500E to an MD 530F by replacing the
engine, gearbox, and drive shaft as well as adding new main and tail rotor blades.
All three Atlanta Police Department aircraft will feature a higher 3,350 lb gross weight,
increased cruise speed, improved flight characteristics in confined areas, and lower
direct operating costs compared to the older aircraft.
Each of the department’s technologically advanced MD helicopters will also include a
tactical mapping system, an IR-capable camera system, a searchlight, and a downlink
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